Want to know what we accept at our sales?

Here's the low down...

Items We Accept


  • Clothing (sizes preemie – XXL Junior and Adult Clothing - current style) & Shoes

  • Formal Wear such as Flower Girl, Ring Bearer, Prom Dress and Fancy Attire  

  • Accessories

  • Maternity clothes

  • Nursing pumps & supplies

  • Potty chairs, bath tubs, diaper pails, diapers

  • Baby gear - high chairs, booster seats, bouncy seats, exersaucers, swings, strollers, car seats (less than 5 years old), etc.

  • Cribs (manufactured after June, 2011), crib mattresses, pack 'n plays, toddler beds, twin size beds

  • Gliders, dressers, toy bins, book shelves

  • Bottles, bibs, sippy cups

  • Books, movies, puzzles, games, homeschool materials, electronics

  • Bicycles, sports equipment, wagons, ride-ons

  • TOYS!

  • We carry seasonal items all year round such as swim wear and coats.

Items We Don't Accept

  • Shoes or clothing that are out of date, stained, dirty, faded, or inappropriate for current sale season.

  • Stuffed animals that have been loved a lot.

  • Any items that have been recalled

  • Cribs manufactured before June 2013

  • Car seats more than 5 years old (check the date on the bottom)

  • Rated “R” movies or rated “M” games

  • Home decor or garage sale type items

  • Poor Condition of any item will not be accepted

Please look your items over as you are tagging and putting them on the floor during drop-off. We are trying the honor system at check-in, but we will pull items that are not to the standard of quality during the sale. We also require that the the tagging presentation must be in line with the Merchandise Prep Guidelines

Please reload

Items that require batteries MUST have working batteries in them. This includes toys, 4-wheel jeeps / ride-ons, swings, bouncy seats, etc. Inexpensive batteries can be purchased at discount stores.