Want to earn even more on your sold items?

Volunteer to earn 70%-80% AND shop EARLY!

Have you ever had your eye on that special item only to have it snatched up by a volunteer who got to shop early? Never again ... you can be that volunteer! Shop early to find the best deals AND make more money!

How It Works:

The more hours you work, the more you earn and the earlier you shop!

The following is for the Spring & Fall Sale.

4 hrs. - Earn 70% and shop the 4 hr. Volunteer Presale

8 hrs. - Earn 70% and shop the 8 hr. Volunteer Presale

12 hrs. - Earn 75% and shop the 8 hr. Volunteer Presale

20 hrs - Earn 80%, shop the Mega Volunteer Presale and receive a $25 gift card for the current sale.

Volunteers help with easy tasks such as greeting customers, straightening clothes, organizing the sales floor, sacking check outs, etc. Husbands are also welcome to volunteer! If you have someone helping you, we can count their shifts towards your volunteer time.


It's Fun, It's Easy! No experience required!

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Want the benefits but don't have the time? A limited number of bartering options are also available.

Click HERE for details.

Presale Schedule

Monday, September 14th

4:00 pm - Mega Volunteers

4:30 pm - 8 + Hour Volunteers

5:00 pm - 4 Hour Volunteers

5:30 pm - Consignors

5:45 pm - VIGs (Very Important Grandparents) 

6:00 pm - VIPs  (new moms, teachers, military)

1/2 Price Presale Schedule

Friday, September 18th

4:00 pm - Mega Volunteers

4:30 pm - 8+ Hour Volunteers

5:00 pm - 4 Hour Volunteers

5:30 pm - Consignors

6:00 pm - VIGs (Very Important Grandparents)

6:30 pm - VIPS (new moms, teachers, military) 

8:00 pm - Open to the Public

PO Box 1192

Blue Springs, Mo 64013

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