Want to consign but don't have time?

We have your solution!

Our Tag Team will prepare, tag and even deliver your items to the sale for you. This is a great opportunity for busy moms who are short on time but still want to make some cash.


By using the Tag Team you will receive 50% of the selling price of your items, minus fees (see below). You will be able to attend the consignor presales, and you will be eligible to volunteer and earn 55% – 65% on your sold items.


How does the Tag Team work?

  1. You bring us your items that are of exceptional quality and condition. Clothing must be current styles, freshly laundered, free of stains & holes, and seasonally appropriate. Items not meeting this criteria will be returned or donated.

  2. Items will be priced at the discretion of the Tag Team. If there are items you would like sold at a certain price you may indicate your desired price. Once items are entered into the tagging system, consignors will be contacted and given 24 hrs. to review prices and make changes if necessary. After that, all prices will be final.

  3. All items tagged by the Tag Team will be marked to go half price on the last day of the sale.

  4. After being tagged, items can be picked up and delivered to the sale by the consignor, or stored & delivered to the sale by the Tag Team for a $10-$40 fee depending on quantity.

  5. Any unsold items can be picked up at the end of the sale or we can donate them to our designated charity for you.


** Unfortunately, we have been receiving loads of items that are dirty, stained, torn or not the appropriate season. Due to the time lost sorting and returning these items, we have had to implement a policy to address these concerns. We know that most of you have the best intentions and sometimes may miss a stain or hole. We will allow you 15 grace items. After 15 items, we will charge a $.25, per item fee for unacceptable items that we receive. Please review the items that we accept. We apologize for having to implement this policy but due to the nature of the service, we find that it has become necessary.


Tag Team Fees

Consignors will earn 50% of the selling price of their items, minus the following fees:


Unsold Items – To cover the cost of the Tag Team’s time, a flat rate will be charged for unsold items. The fee structure is as follows:


  • 30-40 unsold items – $10.00

  • 41-60 unsold items – $15.00

  • Over 60 unsold items – $20.00


Tagging Supplies – Consignors will be charged a flat rate of $2.00 to cover the cost of safety pins, printer toner, ribbon, rubber bands, etc. Consignors may provide their own tagging supplies or purchase them from the Tag Team.

  • Hangers – 12/$1.00

  • Cardstock – $.06 per sheet (6 tags print on each sheet)

  • Ziplock Bags – $.10 each

  • Batteries – $1.00 each

  • Storage & Delivery – $10 if desired

We begin accepting merchandise 10 weeks prior to the sale and generally stop accepting merchandise 2 weeks prior to the sale opening. Tag Team spots are limited and will fill up quickly. Once the spots are all full we do not take any more merchandise. Please email mary@AllAboutKidsKC.com to secure your spot and schedule a delivery time.

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