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  • Pregnant Moms

  • First Time parents

  • Parents who are fostering or adopting a child.

  • Parents who have not attended a previous All About Kids First Time Parents Presale


  • Public or Private School Teachers

  • Preschool Teachers

  • Homeschool Teachers

  • Church Teachers

   * Without a Pre-Registration number, please show your school ID at the door

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Military / First Responders

  • Members of the armed forces

  • Police Officers
  • Fire Fighters

   * Please show your ID at the door


  • We also have a pre-sale for our Very Important Grandparents (VIGs) 

  • When you click to register, please make sure to say "Grandparent" on the "Other Referral" section because you get to shop a little bit earlier.  

  • If you do not have a Pre-Registration Number, please show a picture of your grand-child/children at the door!